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Fall Prevention

jeff-robertson-card-pantone MedSafe, Inc. is committed to helping our hospital partners meet and exceed new government regulations for critical benchmarks with our MedSafe Fall Prevention Program. The MedSafe Fall Prevention Program has been developed to prevent serious injuries, including death, resulting from unassisted patient falls.

With the support of our MedSafe Fall Prevention Consultants, our program will decrease the rate of falls by providing your hospital a proven solution to manage the most challenging fall risk patients.

Initiatives and positive outcomes do not drive themselves! We understand that a check list posted in the nurse’s station will do little to impact outcomes. This same passive style is equally limiting when medical suppliers attempt to just drop off products on the floor. Our research and experience has taught us that for clinically significant improvements to take place there needs to be a true collaboration between the institution and their partners to embed culture change.

That’s why MedSafel has created the MedSafe Fall Prevention Program. MedSafe provides our partners with the training and resources needed to adhere to critical benchmarks, while providing documented evidence-based data validation for fall reduction and related costs on a quarterly and annual basis.

By collaborating together to achieve these important goals, our MedSafe consultancy support can help your institution prevent cases of unintentional harm caused by falls. We will work with your hospital to create a collaborative environment so that your health care providers willingly and openly communicate proactively about high fall risk patients to achieve the safest and best possible fall risk care plan hopsital-wide.

View From in the Safety Canopy

View From in the Safety Canopy

Providing creative and compassionate solutions to healthcare