Sitter Reduction

Constant observation from 1:1 sitters is intended to provide a safer environment for a patient deemed a high fall risk.  However, at this time there is no research linking the practice of constant observation with reducing or preventing patient harm from falls. In addition, this methodology has documented limitations, including not preventing the actual fall, frequently being misused, limiting patient privacy, and adding significant financial burden on the institution in an already tough economic environment..

Through years of experience we recognize that the culture of an institution influences its practices, and the familiarity of using 1:1 sitters for constant observation will never be completely eliminated. However, our proprietary program can drastically reduce the expense of constant observation while also improving clinical outcomes through the use of our MedSafe Fall Prevention Program.

Below are some examples of success we have had with the MedSafe Fall Prevention Program with Hospitals that are currently benefiting from our MedSafe Fall Prevention Program.

MedSafe Hospital – Example 1
$45,000 savings per month | 400 bed hospital


MedSafe Hospital – Example 2
Saved $113,000 in sitter costs alone, in 6 months | 160 bed hospital

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